Fishing for Alaska King Salmon

2020-11-06 14:51:52

Alaska king salmon, also known as Chinook salmon, are the biggest Pacific salmon species of the five.  You will typically find them measuring at least 30 inches and 18 pounds.  However, they can grow much larger than this, with some of them tipping the scales at approximately 100 pounds.

If you plan on fishing for king salmon while in Alaska, then you will certainly need to learn how to identify one.  They have silver running down their sides and a dark blue band around their backs.  They also have an assortment of small spots over various parts of the body.

The tail of these fish is forked and also has a set of spots on both the upper and lower lobes.  Many anglers have trouble differentiating king salmon from other species.  The best way you tell fish apart is to look in the mouth, the lower jawline to be specific.  The lower jawline of Chinooks have black gums.

As mentioned earlier, Alaska king salmon can grow to be nearly 100 pounds.  When fishing for them, you will need to prepare yourself for a strong fight they will put up once you have hooked one.  If you come ill-prepared, you will definitely regret it.

It is vital for you to use heavy equipment when fishing for king salmon.  Your main line should consist of 20- to 30-pound test line, accompanied with heavy-duty hooks and swivels.  Your reel should be able to handle approximately 200 yards of line to be on the safe side.

There are various types of lures you can use to hook king salmon.  The best type of lure for you to use depends on various factors such as the water conditions and location.  When fishing in deeper waters consider using herring and herring baits since they will attract Chinooks more effectively.

When fishing for these salmon in rivers and near the mouth of rivers you will find artificial lures such as egg clusters to be effective.  Other options include flatfish, spoons , and spinners.  Make sure you use a lower trolling speed when looking for king salmon in these more shallow waters.

Alaska king salmon are a prized catch for many anglers.  If you are looking to hook your own bring along the appropriate equipment along with an assortment of baits and lures.  

Hire a guide to show you the best locations to find these fish so you do not return home empty-handed.