Physical world vs. Parapsychology

2020-11-02 16:04:21

Psychic mind energy manifests itself in people such as mediums, psychics and fortune tellers as the power to read or divine the future or otherwise unknown details of peoples lives. 

These people claim to have the ability see your past and sometimes even tell the future. The power to utilise this techniques to aid and amaze seems unreachable by most ordinary people. But, any professional psychic will tell you, psychic mind energy is an energy that we all share. Some people explain the idea of psychic mind energy relating it to the laws of physics. In physics everything that we experience as solid matter is in fact vibrating energy. In the same way, sound, radio, electricity and light are all vibrating energy waves. It is suggested by some that mental energy is no different from this. Although we cannot see it, psychic mind energy has a physical presence in the form of this vibrating wave energy and those who are sensitive to it can manipulate it and read it in a variety of different ways.

 When we think we are creating mental energy. We are, therefore, creating psychic mind energy. The energy is just vibrating waves which sensitive people can interact with on a number of levels. It is claimed by some psychics and mediums that it is psychic mind energy that allows them to communicate with humans in the afterlife. The wave vibrations are able to link between the worlds in some unexplained but very real way.

They also claim that psychic mind energy is the power that explains telepathy and other otherwise unexplainable human phenomena. So many different seemingly magical abilities can be explained as manifestations of psychic mind energy. Some also say that mind energy can be used to move and manipulate objects in the physical world. This is known as telekinesis and can apply to the movement of the smallest, possibly unseen, object to the moving or manipulation of much larger objects with the power of the mind.

The existence of psychic mind energy is not undisputed. Parapsychology exists as a branch of science that attempts to do research into the existence of its activity. Parapsychologists have set up many experiments to observe various phenomena that could be attributed to mind energy even at a sub-atomic level. They have observed unexplainable movements of objects but as yet cannot decisively prove that this is directly due to psychic mind energy.

Phenomena such as ghosts and poltergeists have also been attributed to other forms of psychic mind energy. This, again , is open to much debate. What is certain is there is much yet to discover and explain about the power of the mind and the way that it interacts with the physical world.