Teeth whitening tips

2020-10-19 14:58:25

Are you suffering from yellow or stain teeth? Have you tried and not getting effective results? If yes, then this article is for you because here we will discuss some of the natural remedies which are very helpful to turn your yellow teeth into white again.

As we all know that yellow teeth do not look good and they affect the personality and physical appearance of any person. A dentist from Stain Removal business said that it is observed that people with teeth stains avoid the cheerful smile at public places. They feel embarrassed while smiling because of the discoloration of teeth. However, many artificial methods can whiten the teeth again but many people have fear visiting the dentist. Hence, for them, we are here with some of the basic tips to restore your beautiful smile.

Causes of yellow teeth or Dental stains 

Before we discuss the natural treatment, it is important to know the reason behind the teeth stains. We remarked some of the basic reasons for tooth stain. Check out:

Age: It is seen that with increasing age, teeth become yellow because the outer enamel of the tooth becomes thin which reflects the inner dentin.

Dental incidents: Some incidents like dental trauma from any incidents can discolor the teeth.

Grinding: Regular habit of grinding premature the teeth before age which makes them look yellow.

Bad lifestyle: Habit of regular intake of smoking. Chewing tobacco, drinking excess coffee, tea, wine or other alcoholic drinks change the teeth color.

Lack of nutrients: If your body is lacking from the proper nutrients then it may affect the teeth color.
Genetic: Some people have to face the yellow teeth due to genetic or heredity problems.

Home remedies for teeth whitening

 There are many natural things which are very helpful for our dental health. Here are some of them:

Charcoal: The charcoal is used from ancient times to clean the teeth. Along with providing white color , it is also useful to kill the germs.

urmeric: This is the best and natural antibiotic and had been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine. This is also helpful in treating the discoloration of the teeth.

Baking Soda: Mix baking soda and water and apply it on teeth and leave it for 1 minute. Rub it on teeth from fingertips and then wash it. This is the most effective method to get white teeth.

  Brushing and flossing: Proper brushing and regular flossing of teeth twice a day is a good process to maintain the color of your teeth. Sometimes the dent gets yellow color due to bad hygiene practice.