Contrary to everyday opinion, Maldives is not produced with islands; it really is made of atolls. Atolls are vast coral growths that are close to islands. In which organic islands are issued of volcanoes and different land outcroppings, atolls are primarily made out of corals. 

Welcome to Los Angeles a shiny city of reinvention. An official population estimate in 2020 of LA show it now has a population of 3,962,839. 

Top Australian road trips

Sometimes the open road beckons - where you can journey where you want and stop as long as you desire in amazing locations. These top 5 Australian road trips will quench the most avid drivers thirst.

Gastronomy tour in Prague

Many people visiting Prague do so to explore the culture, art and history. Others, however, come specifically to enjoy the fabulous cuisine if the city.

Must try programs in Everglades!

One of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the United States is the Everglades National Park. 

The most beautiful beaches of the World

There is no denying the fact that beach vacations are totally unmatched and are capable of offering a unique and peaceful experience to the visitors.

Whale watching in Perth, Australia

The metropolis city of Perth in Western Australia is an unrivalled destination on the land that boasts of beautiful beaches, serene parks, and a thriving hub of small bars, restaurants, and street art. 

Top tips in Vancouver

Lies in the Lower Mainland Region of British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Canada.

Top Caribbean Islands to visit

With hundreds of Caribbean Islands to choose from, you will be surely spoilt for choice in this sun-splashed region.

Jaipur, the pink city

A trip to Jaipur city, the capital of Rajasthan will never disappoint any travelers.