When one of the most intricate and complex systems in your body fails to function accurately especially in winter time, it releases all the barriers between your body and harmful microorganisms.

Caffeine is found in tea, cocoa plant, coffee, medications and energy drinks. It is a natural stimulant of CNS central nervous system.

Reasons why you can't lose weight

If you cannot lose weight it can be pretty frustrating because the formula is very simple. 

Workout tips for busy people

 We all lead busy lives and we all want the best exercise plan to lose weight.It can be hard trying to get into a regular workout plan when your busy all day.

Avoid toxic stress

There is one thing on this planet that can heal just about any problem in your life and that is the immune healing systems of the body.

How to build up your self-esteem

Any type of goal setting is often considered a fundamental part of any types of personal development or life coaching or 12-step recovery. 

Treat your joint inflammation naturally

As per studies, certain herbs are found to be very useful to treat inflammatory diseases. 

Steps to get rid of alcoholism

Alcoholism and over drinking has been the running factor of many lives and families, and if you see yourself floating away with a drink in your hand too often, it is time you did something about it before it is too late. 

The Bikram Yoga experience

As I walked out of the Bikram Yoga studio toward my car after my first class, I found myself declaring, If I can actually do this yoga, it will totally change my whole life. I had only been able to attempt half the postures, with the rest of the time lying down, just dealing with the heated, humid room. 

Sugar detox diet tips

Nowadays much of the food found at supermarkets is highly processed containing refined sugar and MSG.