Create a pleasant home office environment

2020-12-22 15:56:55

More and more people prefer to work from home these pandemic days. And why should not? Being closer to your family and avoiding the long daily commute are just two advantages of working from home. however, spending all day at home can be boring, even sapping your creative energy. Create a home setup that will stimulate your creativity and productivity.

If you have said to me that I would have been working from home 15 years ago I would have probably laugh ed at you then and there. But things have dramatically changed since then, the recent pandemic circumstances are crying for home office work. Plus  IT and speedy internet created a whole new sector in the industry, sector that isnt quite any other. I will give you and example , online store. First, you own a store but you do not have a single item in the warehouse. You do not have/rent a warehouse. Second, thousands of customers browse your merchandise, buy stuff, get serviced and you get paid. But you dont have a single in-store employee...

Yes, you manage all this from the comfort of your favourite leather sofa in your living room... Who could have even closely predicted that 10 years ago? Well, maybe the guys at Google, but nobody else. And when you work from home you need a place to put your equipment, files and have space to work. What is more the space you will occupy has to be conductive to your creative needs. Imagine spending more than 8 hours a day in a dull place... It woud be a nightmare.

To spice things up try some of the setups listed below.

Home Office Cube

Its the ideal setup when you want to achieve a work-life balance , you can mediate, sleep and work at the same place. It is nothing like standard office cubicle, where you are surrounded by hundreds of others cubicles and the noise is terrifying.

Office On Wheels , Trailer

Have you watched The Lincoln Lawyer? If you havent,  I will tell you why I mention it. In the movie the main character was a lawyer, operating from his Lincoln. You can do the some but in little bit more space and with a few more extras like solar panels. Convert a trailer and be the creative type of person, always on the go... You can even put a fancy leather couch for your clients to sit when you discuss important business issues.
In the Open

I think it would be fantastic to have a home office in the garden. Though putting a leather sofa isnt a wise idea, you will be able to enjoy fresh air and sun shine all day long. Of course, if weather allows it. On the other hand, if its raining for most of the time, you can convert a tool shed into a functional office. It will be a secluded private to you space a few metres away from the fridge and coffee maker.
In a Trunk

These days lots of people use those little suit cases on wheels to move around downtown papers and stuff. Why not try one of these large trunks which are equipped with a PC, stool and all the place you need for a comfortable yet practical office space.

In a Closet

If you want to keep your home office in the dark then re-fitting a barely used closet into a functional home office is what you should do. Add shelving for your files and folders , put a table and a chair and you are set.