As time went on, folks learned how to make the separation of silver and gold.

Warfare, it is always to be remembered, was a central preoccupation of Roman society, a normal part of life. 

Henry Ford and the mass production

Henry Ford made cars, he was able to mass produce many cars in less time and for less money than previously. Ford had a new way of making cars, and a safer automobile in the end.

The most important people of the 20th century

Learn about some of the famous leaders, entertainers, builders, scientists and icons of the 20th Century, including Einstein, Henry Ford, Churchill, Estee Lauder, Mother Terasa, Lucille Ball, Muhammad Ali, Rachel Carson, The Beatles and Margaret Thatcher.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra

Mark Antony was a statesman and general who ruled a part of the Roman Empire and fell in love with Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, in one of the greatest love stories of history. 

Spies in Religions

The use of religion is well-documented as a social engineering tool. Magicians and propagandists are everywhere in the history of Empire since the days of Tuthmosis if not long before that. But there are less overt operatives than the likes of Augustine and there are double agents like St. Bernard. 

Where the Viking Gods lived

According to a legend, Odin had a vision that he would become the father of northern people and the ruler of a majestic land.

The history of Japanese car manufacturers- Nissan

Many of us have either owned or driven in a Nissan vehicle at one time or another.

Greek wine history

Reminiscing about great historical turning points and events evokes images of Greece, particularly since it was where the Olympics originated and it is in Athens where the very famous Acropolis sits. 

What killed Napoleon Bonaparte?

Ever since a 1961 chemical analysis of the hair of Napoleon Bonaparte revealed elevated levels of arsenic, historians and conspiracy theorists have been asking, How did Napoleon really die? We now have the answer, and conspiracy buffs will find it disappointing.